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Tech News Today 132: Chrome OS: Slicker Than Snot

by TWiT

Published December 7, 2010

Google Chrome OS Laptop, Kindle for the web, New virus tweets its way to Twitter, Android Honeycomb, and more.

Run time 36:15
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Becky Worley
Jason Howell


Top Stories

CR-48 new chrome OS laptop
chrome laptops from Acer and samsung mid 2011
buy a chrome netbook get 2 years of 100MB a month Verizon data free
kindle for web coming mid 2011 to chrome app store
Google Quietly Posts Big JavaScript Engine Update

New virus tweets its way into Twitter

WikiLeaks’ Assange Arrested in London, Denied Bail
MasterCard & Visa pull plug on WikiLeaks payments
4chan ddos on swiss bank & paypal??
Facebook: We won't block Wikileaks, for now
Live blog of Julian Assange's day
Wikileaks are for-hire mercenaries - Cryptome

Discussion Stories

Motorola Android tablet prototype makes a cameo at D: Dive Into Mobile running Honeycomb
Android Honeycomb coming 'next year,' adds tablet support
Backstage at Dive Into Mobile–Google’s Andy Rubin Talks Tablet, Music

Rogue merchant arrested after gaming Google

In historic shift, smartphones, tablets to overtake PCs

News Fuse

Engadget reports The guys who build custom ROMs just for the sheer pride of it have already begun work on delivering Gingerbread to owners of HTC's EVO 4G, Droid Eris, and Wildfire. It's all in the very nascent stages and warnings abound that you should only install these ROMs if you intend to contribute to the development process, but it does give us hope for a consumable new OS in the not so distant future.

Streaming sex video service- youporn is being sued for using a javascript flaw to check out your browsing history without your notice- why would they do that? to allegedly compile a profile of what flavor of porn you like. the class action claim in a central california court says that Mainstream Media violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, California's Computer Crime Law, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and California's Unfair Competition Law. hmmm- no word on who to contact if you feel you have been harmed and want to join the class action!

But this next development may protect you from said tracking in the future- Microsoft today unveiled how they plan to help consumer fight browser history tracking. A new feature, which will arrive in IE9 early next year, uses a list to tell the browser which third-party page elements sites can and cannot be blocked from tracking. This includes elements ranging from advertisements to more mundane things like embedded widgets from particular providers. Take that porn trackers!

How do you discourage pirated copies of a music game from circulating? how about baking in really annoying Vuvuzela horns that blare over the game? that's exactly what Ubisoft has done in it's Michael Jackson: the experience game for the Nintendo DS. Ubisoft told “The development team worked this feature in as a creative way to discourage any tampering with the retail version of the game,”

So you got your work phone and your personal phone - right. what f you could have both, on one device? two separate phone numbers, your personal email and apps running natively and then a virtualization of your work phone environment- work apps, work data, work contacts. well- VMware is teaming with LG to sell Android smartphones that do just that- virtualization for a work environment. currently they are just doing this for Android phones, but say VM ware says the idea is promising, and IT managers- no more awkward personal visits to the guy who just got fired asking for his phone back- just wipe his work account log-in remotely - that's a plus!

If you illegally downloaded the films Far Cry and The Steam Experiment- you can breathe easier! Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer last month told the US Copyright Group that no, it couldn't have five years to decide who it actually wanted to sue for sharing movies online. By December 6 the defendents had to be named or thrown out, So the lawyers dutifully filed papers with the court yesterday, bringing 6,230 defendants down to just 868. Every other case was dismissed.

There is a defection afoot in the gaming world! according to a study from market research firm interpret says there is a 13% decrease in PSP and DS gamers while there has been a 52% increase in mobile phone gamers- good news for those of us who want more angry birds and cut the rope games, bad news for nintendo and sony!

One of the First 3D documentaryies is out ... and it's about caves, well actually about ancient paintings in caves.... The fact that this is news shows why 3D is in trouble. Where are the great 3D docs? why is the first 3D documentary about ancient 2 dimensional paintings. 3D-get your content act together!

Kickers and Weird Science

Rogue Satellite Shuts Down US Weather Services


iPad 2 begins shipping from Foxconn in February for April launch?
Shack $50 off iPhone til Saturday
toy shortage alert singamajig, fisherprice iXL, dance star mickey
Be a part of TNT this holiday season!


Kevin in Raleigh: More OS2 Warp than you might think!


"Hey TNT-crew!

Wanted to write in response to the discussion on data-mining. Blue-Kai, Lotame (Lo-tah-me), and eXelate are actually the major players (not Google and Yahoo, who though also collect your data, are in a slightly different business). The former is part of a big trend in the online advertising industry called ad exchanges/demand side platforms (DSP). Leftover display impressions from around the web are sold off in these ""ad exchanges,"" where advertisers bid on pricing (as opposed to CPM, CPC, flat fee models). To make these mass reach impressions worth something (since you're buying in bulk across sites), ""data"" (provided by data companies such as Blue Kai) is used to determine the if it's the right audience to serve the ad. Data could be anything from demographics, behaviors, past browsing history (re-targeting), etc. So while you may get several people on (for example), based on history/data, one may be determined as a woman 25-54 with kids living in suburban Pennsylvania and thus be given an ad for Ford Sync, while another is extrapolated as a man 18-24 and a ""early adopter (of tech)"" and be served an ad for HTC. Derrick - ddawg"


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